Welcome to 2nd grade!

Here's what we are learning this week!







60 minutes






Social Studies


60 minutes








Teachers would like daily assignments in SeeSaw by 7:00 pm so we can provide feedback.


Mrs. Forsythe’s “office” hours: Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:00

Mrs. Montgomery’s “office” hours: Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:00

Ms. Whaley’s “office” hours: Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:00


Mrs. Forsythe’s class zoom meetings: Wednesdays 11:00 am

Mrs. Montgomery’s class zoom meetings: Thursdays 1:00 pm

Ms. Whaley’s class zoom meetings: Monday 5:30pm



We are learning about collecting data through a survey using tally marks! We are using our data to create and analyze bar graphs and pictographs. The students are having an absolute blast asking their peers about their favorite colors, food, books to read, etc. and creating graphs with the data. 

In our next unit, we will be working on place value of three digit numbers, estimating sums and differences, comparing three digit numbers, equalities and inequalities, money up to $2.00, and solving story problems using UPSC! 

Remember to practice your math facts using Reflex, Sumdog, and Prodigy!

Challenge: Have your child write (and solve) a story problem using the number 97 and 46.

We are working on reading poems fluently with expression. The students have been having fun learning to read with expression! We are also identifying the story elements (character, setting, conflict, and resolution) of each poem we read. The students are becoming experts in poetry! 

Challenge: Try to find your favorite poem and share with your family! 
Social Studies:

We are studying famous Americans and working really hard to finish up our research project. Students are excitedly using multiple sources to gather information on their famous American and create a nonfiction biography with what they find! We can't wait to read the finished projects!

Challenge: Have your child log into Padlet and read about their Famous American with them.


We are going to be starting our Animal Habitat unit. We will be learning about the different types of habitats: jungle, rainforest, desert, ocean, and woodland (forest). Students will be researching the different habitats and understanding the types of animals that live there. They will also understand the needs of those animals and how they change for survival. 

Challenge: Have your student log into Padlet and play the Animal Habitat game. Can you keep your animal alive by supplying it will all the essential needs?

We are learning about writing nonfiction books about our famous American! Students are becoming quite the writers! We are continuing to work on improving our sentences by always including a capital letter at the beginning and the correct punctuation mark at the end. 

Challenge: Can you write a friendly letter to child today?
We are moving right along in Letterland. Each class is at a different place in the program.

This week in Mrs. Forsythe's class we are learning about contractions and the special punctuation mark: the apostrophe! 

This week in Mrs. Montgomery's class we are reviewing previous patterns that have not been mastered. We will begin talking about apostrophes and using them in contractions.