Opinion Writing Assignment

 Think about a topic that you would like to write a persuasive essay about. It could be to persuade someone what the best season is, or you could pick to persuade someone whether to visit Mount Vernon or Monticello, who was a better leader Sir Walter Raleigh or John Smith, or who was a better president George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.  Research Resource links for these topics are found below. Familiarize yourself with one of the topic assignments below by clicking on the link. After learning additional facts about the topic/subject, use them in your writing to support your opinion. Persuade away!! Send your persuasive essay my way! Need help with this? Find help on the 4th Grade Reading/Writing Padlet Page (link below)  https://padlet.com/mcfarlfa/rua367zmdzo6


Assignment #1

Sir Walter Raleigh  or John Smith

Sir Walter Raleigh Biography (World Book Online)

Biograph of Sir Walter Raleigh (Biography.com – unfortunately will include ads)

Lost Colony of Roanoke  (Duckster.com) and Lost Colony (World Book Online)


John Smith Biography (World Book Online)

Biography of John Smith (Ducksters.com)

Jamestown (World Book Online)

John Smith and Native American woman Pocahontas   (World Book Online)


Assignment #2

Mount Vernon or Monticello

Mount Vernon  (World Book Online)

The Mount Vernon Estate  – (information from Mount Vernon Visitor Center)


Monticello (World Book Online)

Monticello The Home of Thomas Jefferson (Monticello.org)




Assignment #3

George Washington or Abraham Lincoln

Biography of President George Washington  - (Ducksters.com)

George Washington - (World Book Online)

George Washington’s Life  - (information from Mount Vernon Visitor Center)

Washington in the American Revolution (World Book Online)


Biography of Abraham Lincoln  (Ducksters.com)

Abraham Lincoln (World Book Online)

Lincoln in the American Civil War (Ducksters.com)

Abraham Childhood Home (National park Service)