Home Learning


Following Virginia state superintendent guidance, PWCS will use a phased approach to supporting our students learning while they are at home (this is subject to change based on circumstances). Our goal is to ensure that all students and families are supported, but not overwhelmed by our support and guidance during this unprecedented health emergency and school closure. None of this work is for submission to a teacher or for a grade. The use of these resources is completely optional and we encourage parents to preview the learning resources prior to students using them to determine which ones are most appropriate for your family to support the learning of your student(s) at home.


Academic Area Activity
Language Arts

Journal-Write about your experiences at home use one of many Journal prompts.

Reada book and make a short video about it.

Visit Storyline Online and enjoy a wonderful book read aloud by a member of the Screen Actors

Listen to books read aloud in your home language:
-International Children's Digital Library;Scholastic Daily Activities;Story Time from Space; or 
Unite for Literacy

Visit Word World where words come alive.

Create your own comic strips or graphic novels.

Explore these digital resources to build your English language skills:

Listen to these authors sharing picture books and excerpts compiled by author Kate Messner.

Brush up on your grammar skills:Khan Academy Grammar,


Bedtime Math- Stories and puzzles that helps parent talk math with their kids. Each day presents a
non-fiction article, with videos and photos, followed by related math riddles for kids ages 3-9. This
includes Cabin Fever Mathwhich are engaging, hands-on math activities for families.

3-Act Tasks- Problem-based lessons, including engaging videos and photos, to foster students’
curiosity and incorporate mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

SPLAT!- Fun, very powerful, highly interactive number senseactivitiesthat can be usedat anygrade level!

Esti-Mysteries-Estimation Meets Math Mysteries.Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented
by  the image.

GregTang Math- Thissiteincludes a wide variety of mathematics games and resources to challengestudents’
math thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Open Middle- Challenging math problems at all grade levels with multiple ways to approach and
ultimately solve the problem.

Thinking Blocks– Uses a visual model to support understanding of word problems.

Number Talk/Journal- Roll dice or use playing cards to identify a number then journal all the ways
to make/solve for this number (use more than one for two digit and higher numbers).



Explore and create on Google Earth and Google My Maps.

Explore Environmental Sciences-learn, play games, and tease your brain on 
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-KIDS.

Take a Virtual Field Trip to a place you have read or learned about this year on 
Discovery Education.

Explore learning about animals & many other topics on National Geographic.

Take a virtual field trip:
Discovery Education Field Trips(can filter by content)
More Virtual Field Trips

Explore a variety of scientific topics:
PHET Simulations (Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Earth Science)
Engaging science content YouTube videos
Interactive Periodic Table

Social Studies

Explore historical sites, geographical regions,and create on Google Earth and Google My Maps.

Interactive Map of the United States-find your state/capitals, identify the states that border your
own, predict the geographical features in each area, etc.

Virtual Field Trips:

Learn about the history and the meaning of the U.S. Constitution through the
Constitution Center’s interactive activities.

Learn about life in Colonial Times Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation.

Discover Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Laws-hear personal interviews, read articles, and watch videos
 on the impact of this time period.