October 12th Update:
Students have been working very hard in both language arts and social studies. In Social Studies, students have been learning about the Northeastern Region of the United States. They have spent the last week researching a state from that region and then writing a travel brochure featuring important information relevant to that part of the country. In addition to learning the social studies, students have also been using language arts skills by demonstrating comprehension of non-fiction texts, understanding non-fiction text features, using research kills and writing about their state.
In reading, we are in the middle of a unit about determining the difference between facts and opinions.  Students should be able to define the  words fact and opinion as well as identify them in texts. 
The read-aloud for the morning group is ​The Sasquatch Escape​.  It is the first book in a fabulous series of books called The Imaginary Veterinary Series.  A mysterious new vet moves to the town of Buttonville who says she treats only worms.  When Ben and Pearl discover an injured wyvern and look for help from Dr. Woo, they find that she is out and seek the help of her assistant, the strange Mr. Tabby.
The afternoon group has just finished hearing the book Floors about the mysterious Whippet hotel, the strange disappearance of its' owner and designer Merganzer Whippet, and the adventures of its' young maintenance man, Leo, who learns that it is often helpful to have a duck.